Search Engine Optimization

At GigaShock, we understand the incredible value of your website appearing in the Internet search results that are most relevant to your website's content. We can help to improve the chances of this being the case for your website by employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices.

The Process

  • Phase One -- Included In Price

    We will call you to discuss the keywords and phrases that you think are most important for your website to rank highly for when users search the Internet as well as collect other important information that can assist in the process.

  • Phase Two -- Included In Price

    We will perform a review of your existing website to identify any fundamental limitations in the existing format, design, or content of your website that may be interfering with your ability to rank highly. At the end of this phase we will offer a set of suggested changes to your website that we believe will improve it's standing in Internet search engines.

  • Phase Three -- Hourly

    With your approval, of all or a subset of our suggested changes, we will then make the necessary changes to your website. As the amount of work needed will be different for each website this work will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

  • Phase Four -- Included In Price

    Upon the completion of the changes it is often necessary to wait several weeks for the search engines to detect the changes and potentially even longer for these changes to impact your site's performance if it has an established history of performing poorly. During this time we will also work with search engines to ensure your site is in fact being indexed and crawled by the most popular search engines.

Order Now

All SEO work that is done outside of the third phase as described on this page will be covered by a $499 one-time fee.

The Long-Term Benefit

While it is often not possible to see an instant rise in your site's ranking, the application of these SEO services will almost certainly improve your website's ranking over the following weeks and throughout the life of your website being online.

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