Electronic Mail Services

Easily add cloud hosted email and calendar services to any new or existing website for an incredible low price. By using and advertising email addresses at your domain (you@yourwebsite.com) you appear far more professional and have a dedicated mailbox, calendar, and set of contacts to use when interacting with your customers or website visitors.

Features and Benefits

  • Available 24/7

    Your email will be available to your online through your website 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world with Internet access.

  • Desktop And Mobile Delivery

    In addition to being able to access your mail online you can have your email delivered directly to your computer or smartphone automatically.

  • Stored Safely In The Cloud

    Email stored in such an email account will be automatically stored securely online and messages cannot be lost as a result of one of your computers malfunctioning or otherwise becoming unusable.

  • Top-Notch Spam Protection

    Automatic spam protection keeps unwanted email out of your inbox so you see only the messages you want.

  • Collaboration Made Easy

    Easily collaborate with others by using distribution groups to distribute incoming emails to several users automatically, sharing calendars and documents between users, and other collaborative features.

  • Leave The Work To Us

    We will take care of everything for you. Just tell us how many users you need and when you need additional users added or existing users deleted and we take care of the rest.

Pricing Overview

One-Time New User Setup Fee -- $10/user

  • Bulk Requests (4 or more users): $35/request

One-Time Delete User Fee -- $5/user

  • Bulk Requests (4 or more users): $17.50/request

Recurring Fees

  • Pay Monthly -- $15/user per month.
  • Pay Yearly -- $150/user per year.

Distribution Groups & User Aliases

  • $10/group setup -- Distribution Groups allows one email address (e.g. info@site.com) to distribute mail to more than one user at the same time.
  • $10/alias setup -- User Aliases allows one user to have more than one email address (e.g. james@site.com AND jim@site.com, the alias). User aliases requested at the same time user account is created will be added at no additional cost.
  • Distribution Groups and User Aliases incur no recurring fees after setup.

Order Now

Existing Email Customers

If you already have email setup for your website and would like to request changes (including updating, adding, or deleting your user accounts and distribution groups), please contact us with the details of your request.

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