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The registration of a domain name is your first step towards getting your website online. A domain name is an online web address that your viewers will use to access your website. For example, is the domain name for our website.

NEW! Private registration is included with all domain purchases and renewals! Traditionally, when you register a domain name, your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and other personal information are immediately made available publicly on the Internet to anyone who wants to see them. GigaShock understands the value of your personal information. We include private registration with every domain purchase and renewal! As a result, your personal information will be kept private and will not be available to any third party. This protection is offered by other providers for $12/year or more. At GigaShock it is included at no additional cost with every domain purchase.

Pricing Overview

Website Bundles

Before purchasing a domain name individually be sure to check out all of our website bundles as a free or discounted domain name is available as part of several of those pacakges.

Domain Name Registration & Renewal

TLD Standard Domain Name
.com $30/year (with private registration)
.net $30/year (with private registration)
.org $30/year (with private registration)
.info $30/year (with private registration)
.me $30/year (with private registration)
.us $30/year (with private registration)
.mobi $30/year (with private registration)

If you would like a domain name with a TLD that is not listed above please contact us for a customized price quote.

Bulk Pricing

Need to buy domain names in bulk? Give us a call and learn how you can save with bulk discounts.

Optional Domain Additions

Basic Domain Security Bundle -- $150/year

  • Save $50/year!
  • One (1) Unique IP Address
  • One (1) Signed SSL Certificate

Additional Signed SSL Certificate -- $100/year

  • SSL certificates allows the encryption of data transmitted between your website and the web browser of your users. This is most often necessary for websites that are transmitting or collecting sensitive information such as personal, confidential, financial or billing (credit card) information. The reason for the increased security is to protect the privacy of your website's visitors or customers.

Additional Unique IP Address -- $100/year

  • Having a unique IP address is a necessary prerequisite to associating a valid, signed SSL certificate with your domain name. Additionally, websites that have a unique IP address are more stable and more reliable.

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